Chongqing Endurance Industry Stock Co. Ltd

Endurance has established Joint-venture in India with Shubh in 2018 with registered office in Gurgaon, Haryana.

NedShubh Technologies Pvt. Ltd will be focused in CNG/LNG solutions in India based on Endurance technology, and make assembly and packaging of CNG/LNG dispensers and hydraulic boosters locally in India as well as after-sales services.

NedShubh is aimed to be the leader of CNG/LNG solutions in Indian market.

  • Established since 1958
  • Global subsidiaries & regional offices in China, Australia, France, India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
  • 700+ LNG/L-CNG Stations (>20% market share)
  • 23,000+ CNG/LNG Dispensers (>45% market share)
  • 600+ CNG Compressors & Hydraulic Boosters
  • 9 LNG Liquefaction Plants (EPC)
  • One of the Largest suppliers in the world